Microsoft jumps ahead to Windows 10

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Either somebody forgot to count or Windows 7 and 8 viciously attacked and consumed Windows 9 in the parking lot. Either way, the next Microsoft OS is on its way, and it’s called Windows 10. Because Silicon Valley I guess.

It all went down today at a press release, mostly aimed at business people instead of consumers. That information will come at a later date, probably not until 2015. The primary theme this time around is connectivity, as Microsoft is focusing on maintaining a Sony-esque infrastructure with all of its devices being able to run Windows 10. With cloud tech and mobility in mind, you’ll be able to access everything related to your Microsoft account from your tablet all the way to (unconfirmed, but ostensibly) your Xbox One. A graphic shown during the presentation showed a TV with the Kinect 2 under it, with a similar display as the others, plus video games.

As far as the split between fans of Windows 7 and 8 are concerned, Microsoft is trying to have its cake and eat it too with Windows 10. The Start Menu is back in a big way, with a slew of new customization options. However, many of the touch-based features of Windows 8 are still present, so it seems like this is an attempt to make everyone happy (spoiler: not everyone will be happy).

Expect more on Windows 10 from Microsoft into 2015, with he actual release of the OS planned for later that year as well.

Source: [Polygon]

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