This Week in Zombies for the week of Oct. 6

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State-of-Decay3-1024x576You’ve probably noticed that the entertainment industry has a love affair with zombies that shows no signs of ending anytime soon. Whether it’s the brutal shamblers of The Walking Dead, or the playfully goofy creatures in Plants vs. Zombies, these brain-eating baddies are fueling our books, movies, games and imaginations. We’d be doing history a disservice if we didn’t chronicle this time for posterity. So here are some of the biggest zombie-related developments going on this week.

The Walking Dead is nothing short of a phenomenon. It has spread from the acclaimed comic, to a hit TV show to a series of video games. With the exception of the abyssmal The Walking Dead: Survival Instinct – Xbox 360, they have been of high quality. The AMC drama returns for its fifth season Sunday. After spending the past several seasons in Atlanta’s more rural regions, this new season will send the survivors back into more urban environments. The number of walkers increases exponentially, as does the number of humans willing to do anything to ensure they live another day. With a sixth season already ordered and a spinoff in the works, these walkers will be hanging around for a while.

Now The Walking Dead featured a popular theme in current entertainment, but had the pull of a hit comic book behind it. The video games had both the comic and the TV show, and their built in fanbases. In contrast, State of Decay was a brand new IP. It entered the Xbox 360 marketplace June 2013 with virtually no advertising. But once people played an apocalypse simulator with permanent death, word spread quickly. Undead Labs has announced two million copies of the game sold. There will be a month long celebration and the game is coming to Xbox One with the Year One Survival Edition. It’s a remaster in 1080p and there will be new content, as well as new hour of music from composer Jesper Kyd. Look for it in 2015 on Xbox One and PC.

Zombieland was an enjoyable horror-themed comedy that has not received a sequel. Amazon did try a TV pilot that viewers weren’t interested in. It was all but impossible for the TV actors to fill the roles that the movie cast did so perfectly. We’re getting word that that the sequel is moving closer. This ensemble really captured the essence of what director Ruben Fleischer was trying to do. He’ll return, and if the original cast does it could be magic again.

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