Massive Chalice made me restart

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The Technology Tell Gaming Channel is going to do a preview of Double Fine’s Massive Chalice. That isn’t surprising, of course, because this is a Double Fine game, it was Kickstarter success that raised almost $1,300,000, and you can’t let the Early Access of a release like this pass you by. Unfortunately, our preview is going to be a bit delayed, because I underestimated the game.

Massive Chalice is a strategic RPG where players are the ruler of a realm in which a magical, Massive Chalice stands. A villainous force known as the Cadence surrounds the lands, sending its pawns off to attempt to retake the last of the untainted lands. The goal is to protect the kingdom and Massive Chalice over the course of 300 years, so the Cadence can be defeated for good.

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Sounds simple, right? Wrong. There are so many things to take into account with Massive Chalice. What heroes are available is one. The gender and fertility of available heroes, since you’re going to want to breed the best ones possible, is another. It’s the best way to get stronger heroes, or perhaps fodder to act as Sagewrites to improve research speeds or Standard Bearers, to make other heroes stronger. That isn’t even taking into account class, what items to research, which buildings to construct, what locations to defend against Cadence attacks since they always hit more than one front, and more. It’s a lot to handle, especially since the Cadence’s peons start off fairly strong and the game features Permadeath.

All this has resulted in my needing to start over. I completely admit messing everything up in my first try, and that’s okay. These kinds of things happen with a serious game like Massive Chalice. Plus, it isn’t as though that first endeavor was in vain. It means I’ll be more prepared for the second round, in which I can hopefully provide helpful insights and knowledge into this strategic affair.

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