Massive Chalice’s alchemists are amazing

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massive chalice alchemist
Double Fine’s Massive Chalice is a more realistic, strategic RPG. It’s undoubtedly a fantasy game, but it’s more rooted in reality than most. This means, sadly, that a wizard isn’t going to come along and save the day. No, the closest thing one has to that is the alchemist, a class I believe is one of the absolute best in the game.

Your party in Massive Chalice is always going to be outnumbered. Five heroes go into any fight, but there’s no telling how many pawns of Cadence will have spawned. The weakest of these minions are even a threat, as they have a habit of forming a hunting party and after one hero together. Which is why the alchemist shines.

He, or she, isn’t a wizard, but does have rather wonderful bombs. This character’s special attacks involve throwing all kinds of harmful materials at the oppressive foes, then gleefully watching the carnage from a safe distance. It’s exhilirating, especially since I’ve noticed the chance of a successful attack tends to be quite high and, due to the way foes group together, at least two, maybe even three, can be taken out with one of the most basic attacks.

That isn’t even taking into account the alchemists’ more powerful skills. If one is powerful enough, even greater area of attack bombs can be unleashed and do more damage to anyone unfortunate enough to step into their range. These heroes are a delight to have on the battlefield.

Caberjacks and hunters have their merits. I’ve needed to turn to each in a pinch, throughout my Massive Chalice adventures. But none has proven so valuable as the mighty alchemist, and I wholeheartedly encourage anyone playing to nurture these bomb-slinging warriors.

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  • J

    alchemists with a maxed out relic is amazing!!! easily the best char at year 300……