To The Moon receives another free minisode

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Freebird Games’ charming, bite-sized adventure title, To The Moon, recently added a second “minisode” to its DLC repertoire. Comparable in length to the 20-minute holiday special which released on New Year’s Eve, Minisode 2 is said to be more relevant to the plot of To The Moon‘s upcoming sequel, Finding Paradise. If you purchased the original game via Steam or GOG, the latest minisode should already have been added to your account; other users can find direct download links through Freebird’s blog. (Note: Steam users can find the DLC by checking Game Properties, heading to the Local Files Tab, and then Browse Local Files.)

Finding Paradise is centered around the now-matured protagonist of A Bird Story, a one-hour successor to To The Moon that was designed curiously devoid of dialogue. However, it may be some time before we see To The Moon‘s official sequel. More topically, developer Ken Gao wrote in Minisode 2’s announcement, Freebird artist Jordan is currently hospitalized and undergoing chemotherapy. Those looking to donate and aid his family can find the necessary contact information in the aforementioned blog post. All others are free to send supportive words to Jordan at
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