Sacred Line Genesis is a new, Genesis visual novel

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Unlikely as it sounds, Sega’s Mega Drive/Genesis system has a new release in the form of Sasha Darko’s Sacred Line Genesis. A passion project, Sacred Line is a 16-bit visual novel nested between mystery and horror themes. Publisher Watermelon is backing the game, which will be sold in BITS format, “a new collectible package aimed for low quantities,” concreting its niche status.

Sacred Line‘s narrative smacks somewhat of Outlast, but in a good way. You play as Ellen, a private detective who, on the day she had planned to close her failing business, receives an anonymous tip that hurls her into a case and, consequently, the horrors the game delights in throwing at her. The game also features multiple endings, which puts it in a curious position. Such a feature would have been far ahead of the headliners for the Genesis’ prime, back in the early 1990s, but is now de rigeur for story-driven games.

A BITS Edition copy of Sacred Line goes for $39.00 and is available through MagicGameFactory, which gets you the game cartridge, its color instruction manual, and, as a nice touch for collectors, a clamshell box and paper insert. The $89.00 limited edition version is sold out, and included a serial number (1-100) as well as a full-size plastic case. Those interested in supporting Sasha Darko can vote for The Last Dogma, which is currently vying for a “go” on Steam Greenlight.

That Sega’s Genesis system is still seeing activity, even decades after its time, comes as a poetic send-off given the recent news that the company, soon to be rebranded Sega Games, is withdrawing from all console development.

Source: Watermelon, MagicalGameFactory

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