Fall in love with Amnesia Memories on your Vita

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amnesia memories
Ah, it’s finally here. Idea Factory Internation’s first otome game announcement. And really, Amnesia Memories is a good place to start. The dating visual novel for women originally appeared on the PSP, and was so popular that it spawned fan discs and an anime. And, come August 2015, we’ll see it on North American and European Vitas and PSTVs.

Now, Amnesia Memories is a little different than your typical Idea Factory otome visual novel. You don’t make choices throughout the game that determine who the heroine ends up with. Instead, players pick a “path” for her.

See, the heroine of Amnesia Memories begins the game as a blank slate. She remembers nothing about herself and her life, and a young boy named Orion, who seems supernatural since only she can see him, says she can’t let anyone know about her predicament. She has to “pretend” she remembers everything. However, she apparently has a boyfriend. Players then follow the Shin, Toma, Ikki, Kent, or Ukyou, with each one perhaps being her boyfriend. The hope is that her memories will recover and both she and the player will figure out what’s going on.

I know, it sounds weird. Trust me, though. Amnesia Memories is supposed to be pretty good. The anime is only so-so, but it’s a hard story to translate into that format. You really need to have the choice and option to experience each route for yourself for it to make sense. Also, since this is the enhanced Vita edition, we should be getting some of the fandisc bonus content to extend the story.

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