Guilty Gear Xrd updates consoles to arcade version

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Guilty Gear Xrd released towards the end of 2014 to positive reviews, gaining notice in particular for its innovative use of the Unreal Engine to create distinct graphics. Guilty Gear Xrd has received several patches since its release to balance its netcode and remove bugs, but up until now no character balance patches have been released outside of arcades. This changes tomorrow in Japan with the launch of Guilty Gear Xrd’s 1.05 patch, the equivalent of the 1.1 character balance patch currently in arcades.

This Guilty Gear Xrd arcade patch was notable for strengthening characters like Axl Low, Slayer, and Bedman to give them a fighting chance. Additionally, the digital version of the game will go on sale the same day, dropping the price to 3980 yen or currently about $33 in US dollars. DLC characters Elphelt Valentine and Leo Whitefang are also dropping in price to 500 yen each which is just over $4 in US dollars. If you imported the game and didn’t pick up the DLC (you mad person you) now’s your chance to get a discount!

Arc System Works is likely releasing this character balance patch to update Guilty Gear Xrd in time for their annual Arc Revolution Cup tournament in August, as it was announced that this iteration of Arc Revolution will be held on consoles as opposed to arcade cabinets. Also, according to a tweet by a founding member of EVO, this patch will be the version that we’ll see at the annual tournament this July. That being said, there haven’t been any announcements from Arcsys’ English branch or Guilty Gear Xrd’s publisher in the US, Aksys Games. Rest assured though, if news does drop about a release outside of Japan, you’ll hear about it here.

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