Telltale Games’ The Walking Dead Season 3 won’t start until 2016

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7 the walking dead season 2Telltale Games will not release the third season of its venerable The Walking Dead series until 2016. PR Director Job Stauffer confirmed the delay in a recent tweet, adding that a separate The Walking Dead project will release within the year. At least, that’s what his follow-up tweets suggest: in response to one fan’s somber affirmation “No Telltale Walking Dead in 2015,” Stauffer said, “I didn’t say that.” So it looks there’s more The Walking Dead to come from Telltale in 2015, but not a tangent of the core narrative. Perhaps we’re looking at another 400 Days one-off?

Stauffer didn’t confirm when in 2016 season 3 will begin, but if recent events are anything to go by, it will be between January and March. Presumably in an effort to capitalize on the surge of PS4 and Xbox One owners that the holiday season will bring, that’s the period every studio under the sun is pushing their projects to. Ubisoft’s The Division is set for Q1 2016, along with consumer versions of the Oculus Rift, Capcom’s Street Fighter 5, and EA’s Mirror’s Edge 2 and unannounced Plants vs. Zombies title. This is shaping up to be one game-y winter, and we haven’t even hit E3 yet.

Source [Twitter] Via [IGN]

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