Action Replay amiibo PowerSaves backups and boosts amiibo

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action replay amiibo powersavesAction Replay amiibo PowerSaves backups and boosts amiibo

Given the success of Nintendo’s amiibo, it was only a matter of time before we started seeing amiibo peripherals. Fortunately, the first one is also rather brilliant. Introducing the Action Replay amiibo PowerSaves. It’s a NFC reader that allows a user to preserve or improve all amiibo save data.

Here’s how it works. Someone connects the Action Replay amiibo PowerSaves platform to a computer’s USB drive and opens up a program that comes with it. Then, said person puts the amiibo on the device. It scans, allowing someone to tamper with the data in the NFC figure. What’s on the toy can be backed up, a very handy feature since data for only one game can be stored on an amiibo at once. Each amiibo can have multiple profiles, so someone could use a Mario with Super Smash Bros., backup the data with the amiibo PowerSaves, use it with Mario Party 10, create a separate profile for that game with the peripheral, and switch between the two files as they please.

The Action Replay amiibo PowerSaves is also a cheat device. There are various tweaks that allow a person to boost the toy’s performance in Super Smash Bros. Stats can be adjusted, skills chosen, and so on. You’ll still need to do some training, even if you make it the very best with the app, but at least most of the hard work will be done.

You can pick up an Action Replay amiibo PowerSaves at Play-Asia right now for $35.99. That may seem like a lot of money, but think of it this way. Nintendo has already shown it will release multiple games that write data to amiibo, which means someone could end up needing multiple figures of the same characters. A person with Super Smash Bros. and Mario Party 10 and three amiibo compatible with both games would immediately benefit if they purchased this peripheral, as an additional three figures would be almost $40.

Product Page [Play-Asia]

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