E3 2015: What to expect from Microsoft

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Xbox E3 2015The 2015 Electronic Entertainment Expo is next week! We’re letting you know what to expect from the Big Three at this year’s show, starting today with Microsoft.

What we know

The Xbox One’s holiday season is actually fairly well planned-out: Forza Motorsport 6, Halo 5: Guardians and timed exclusive Rise of the Tomb Raider. Forza will be shown with shots of cool virtual cars, because of course it will. The Halo 5 beta has given people a decent look at what that game will be, so the surprising elements will lie in whatever parts of the campaign get shown off. Tomb Raider, while inevitably coming to other platforms as soon as contractually possible, will be treated like a first-party title at the event, and Uncharted 4 ducking out of the holiday season will likely result in this game getting an even larger push against the remastered competition of The Nathan Drake Collection. Still, Microsoft is talking a big game about this show, saying that it has its most impressive lineup yet, so it’s probably more than those three.

Halo 5

What we think we know

There’s a HD remaster of the original Gears of War that’s been all but officially announced, so that confirmation’s probably on the schedule. It’s likely time to see more of Quantum Break, too. With the approach of Windows 10, there’ll likely be some talk about the cross-platform functionality in games like Fable Legends, and it’s possible we’ll see something new to push this effort further, but Microsoft has been clear that the Xbox event is about Xbox. (So the Windows stuff may get held for the new PC Gaming Show on Tuesday night.)

Rise of the Tomb Raider

What we want to know

Three projects were thrown out with little extra information at last year’s show: a new Phantom Dust, a new Crackdown and Scalebound, a monster-hunting project from a team at PlatinumGames. Just what are these, and are they all still happening? We also hear rumblings of a totally-new Gears of War… is that ready to announce, even with the remaster announcements yet to officially be made? What could potentially be more interesting is whatever Rare’s working on, which could be Banjo-Kazooie but could also be something entirely different. Then there’s the Mojang purchase, and something Minecraft-related could really make waves. Microsoft’s been treating Mojang with care, though, making sure not to seem like it’s meddling in the company’s work and letting development on non-Microsoft platform versions continue. Will that change?

Check back on Wednesday and Friday for roundups of Sony’s and Nintendo’s efforts at the show.

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