E3 2015: What to expect from Nintendo

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Nintendo E3 2015We’re just days away from E3 2015. What should you know about Nintendo’s plans going into next week? Here’s a breakdown of the information that’s out there so you’ll be ready.

What we know

Nintendo has explicitly stated that there’ll be no news about the Wii U Legend of Zelda game at this year’s show, and no talk about the next-generation NX system or mobile titles. (Star Fox, on the other hand, will be there.) Mario Maker is this year’s “play it at Best Buy” game, meaning it will have a significant presence at the show. The Nintendo World Championships 2015 are this Sunday, but there’s no indication that this event will include any game announcements. (Treehouse Live, on the other hand, held some reveals last year like Fantasy Life, and its success would suggest that it may do that again.) Otherwise, what we know boils down to format: it’ll once again be a pre-recorded video stream rather than a live presentation, which means any number of things can happen that wouldn’t be possible on a stage.

Mario Maker

What we think we know

Nintendo usually focuses on consoles over handhelds at E3, and with last week’s announcements (like a Bravely Second localization and Chibi-Robo: Zip Lash), this year’s likely no different. The known titles, then, are Mario Maker, the new Mario & Sonic, the Shin Megami Tensei/Fire Emblem crossover and, most enticingly, Shigeru Miyamoto’s experiments: Project Guard, Project Giant Robot and Star Fox. We could also see more from Xenoblade Chronicles X and Fatal Frame as the two approach a Western release. Devil’s Third still exists, too, we guess? Nintendo runs a tight ship, so leaks about these things are hard to come by.

Shin Megami Tensei Fire Emblem

What we want to know

It feels like there’s a high-profile title for this fall that’s still a secret, as Zelda’s not launching and Mario Maker feels like it can’t anchor a holiday shopping season alone. Still, though, there’s not an obvious game to expect like a Smash Bros. or Mario Kart, so where does Nintendo go from here? Whether or not you think the NX is as imminent as a holiday 2016 release, this is likely the last show for a big announcement of a current-generation game. Is it time for Metroid? And… oh, man. What if that “quality of life” initiative pops up somehow? Yeah, okay. We doubt that too. Mostly, we’d love to see some new smaller projects from the company sprinkled throughout the presentation, because big games take a long time and Nintendo generally has to fill its systems’ release schedules singlehandedly.

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