Madden NFL 16 Connected Careers: Coach has some milestones for you

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Madden NFL 16Connected Careers is one of my favorite parts of Madden NFL 16 and a new EA post explains explains little more about how it’s going to work. Sports is all about the numbers. Coaches are hired or fired based on the number of wins, and players add more zeroes to their checks after they light up the scoreboard. Player goals have gotten an overhaul with a quest-style system that changes weekly.

There are both team-oriented goals and individual ones. Remember, there’s no “I” in Team but there is an “M” and an “E.” A rookie running back tearing up the league might get the “Breakout Running Back” goal. A runner who has been stuck in neutral will have goals too, more modest in nature. Your coach will politely ask you to not stink up the place with goals such as not fumbling or actually getting first downs. A player’s confidence will fluctuate depending on well they meet these goals.

The journey of a thousand miles, or at least 2,000 rushing yards, begins with a single step. While playing Madden NFL 16 Connected Careers, each new drive will have its own goal. These will give you more XP to upgrade your players. Now you’ll have a few more decisions to make out there. Maybe you have a passing play that your opponent can’t stop, but your running back will get some much need XP for a touchdown. What’s the call, coach?

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