I took Serafina’s Crown way too seriously

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Serafina's Crown
Serafina’s Crown is a rather typical visual novel game. Important choices must be made, and the protagonist has a chance to find love amidst chaos. Well… so long as the protagonist isn’t being played by me, that is. I got so caught up in the mysterious story of Serafina’s Crown, and in the main task set out before me, that I didn’t even get a chance to explore the romance options available.

Serafina’s Crown stars Odell Perin. She’s a young woman who is taken back to her homeland by force to vote in court for her country’s new monarch. But lo and behold, things can’t be so simple! There are suspicions that the last monarch was killed. A new one cannot be chosen until they either find out who did it or all of the accused are cleared of doing it. Before Odell even has the ability to object, she finds herself acting as regent to the crown while the murder investigation occurs. I don’t know about all of you, but such a thing is something to be taken seriously in my book. Therefore, my sole purpose moving forward was to find out whodunit. I figured there would be time later to romance one of the other characters.

Turns out I was very wrong. The romance paths in Serafina’s Crown happen simultaneously along the murder mystery. When it’s solved, the game comes to a conclusion with no additional time to woo anyone. I had taken my duty far too seriously and, while I might have solved the murder, Odell was forced to live a life alone.

Needless to say I’ll definitely be playing Serafina’s Crown again, and this time I won’t take things so seriously. Romance scenes here I come!

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