E3 2015: Nintendo proves World Championships are better than press conferences

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nintendo-world-championships-2015Barring something crazy happening in this console war, Nintendo is on the ropes. This is sad considering that their first-party selection trumps everyone else. It’s not close. But on Sunday, Nintendo did so much right with its World Championships. This wasn’t a press event, it was an actual gaming event and included Nintendo of America President Reggie Fils-Aime playing Super Smash Bros. badly. Reggie even talked trash, reminding Hungrybox that while he plays Smash 16 hours a day, Fils-Aime runs a company 16 hours a day. Side note, I really, really wanted Reggie to be good at Smash Bros. We love him anyway, how many execs would show up to take that whoopin?

I hope this kind of event starts a trend. After all, watching people talk about sales numbers and use pie graphs is boring. Watching people play games is awesome. On a night that included an NBA Finals game and a WWE pay-per-view, Nintendo was one of the biggest topics on social media. People called for appearances from Fred Savage, star of “The Wizard.” Nintendo was eSports before eSports was a thing, and they should be reminding people of that. After all, if you can find one of the original World Championship cartridges, you can put a kid through college.


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