E3 2015: The Feud is tactical strategy in the Wild West, ya varmint

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The Feud Wild West Tactics Preacher RobertsIf you love both XCOM Enemy Unknown: The Complete Edition and westerns, you and the gang at GPC Games are old pals whether you know it or not. Their strategy game The Feud: Wild West Tactics brings turn-based excitement to the era of cowboys, shootouts and showdowns. Mixed in with the cast of characters that GPC created are real historical figures from the time period, including Devil Anse Hatfield and his archnemesis Randall McCoy.

Characters begin with two action points, enough usually to move and shoot. But proper use of tactics and racking up kills can unleash a “fight or flight” type reaction that can yield double the action points. Certain character skills allow them to do things such as running and gunning, or performing a melee attack with a shotgun before unloading both barrels.

While the majority of the action is turn-based, characters can fill a High Noon meter. Once it’s ready, you can use it to trigger a one-on-one showdown with an opposing gunman. Then you’ll need to win a timing-based mini-game to send your opponent on up to Boot Hill. This is a great tactic to use against characters who might have high armor or evasion, and even works against some boss characters. I got to play through a brief battle and The Feud captures those against all odds shootouts we’ve all seen from the likes of John Wayne and Roy Rogers. Look for it on PC in 2016.

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