E3 2015: The public needs the magic of the Need for Speed demo

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Need for SpeedWe got our hands on the new Need for Speed reboot at this year’s E3, and the demo experience — with its competitive elements — is one that everyone should get to have once the game’s released.

The “five ways to play” mantra of Need for Speed is built around the ideas of previous installments, and each “way” has its own points and goals. You can choose to focus on speed, put a lot of effort into drifting, gather with friends and take things on together, evade the cops with elusive maneuvers or just tinker with your ride in the garage.

Need for Speed

Developer Ghost’s E3 demo was built around these ways. Each player was assigned a callsign, like “Apollo” or “Mad Dog,” and pitted against the rest of the room in a points competition. It started with a multiplayer race, and afterward players could explore as they wished and enter events for a period of time. At the end, whoever earned the most aggregate points, doing any of these things, was the winner.

It was meant to showcase these different aspects and how you could do each rather than be something that’s in the retail product, but a mode like this really deserves to make it intothe final game. Players could hastily trick out a fresh ride as much as possible — after all, stopping to consider means fewer build points — before racing and being spawned in a random area of the map. Some players just can’t keep up on the racetrack, but this setup lets each one focus on their strengths and compete with their friends who may specialize in the game’s other aspects.

Need for Speed

Need for Speed will release November 3 on PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. When it does, it’ll probably just feature an open world, lots of cars and customization options, a robust online component and a handling system that accommodates both modern drift-style players and fans of the original titles’ tighter turn controls, and not some crazy timed start-from-scratch multifaceted driving competition. But… come on.

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