Technology Tell Gaming Channel’s most notable E3 2015 opinions

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Oh man, E3 2015, everybody. This was a big year. There were a lot of games available to play, and Technology Tell’s Gaming Channel had six people on the ground experiencing as many as possible. Since it wouldn’t really be “fair” to decide on one or two games as the most notable this year, we’re doing something different.

Brian Allen, Graham Russell, Lucas White, April Marie, Chris Nelson and myself have each offered our own picks in eight different categories. These are our highs and lows of the show, and hopefully you’ll find some games to be excited about after reading our E3 2015 retrospectives.

legend of heroes trails of cold steel e3 2015

Best Console Game at E3 2015

Jenni: “I loved seeing Legend of Heroes: Trails of Cold Steel (PS3) at E3 because it showed that, despite being a legacy platform, the PS3 can still get a fantastic JRPG that many thought we’d never see.”
Brian:Fallout 4 (PS4, Xbox One) takes one of gaming’s biggest worlds and makes it more customizable. Can’t wait to build my own base.”
Graham:Need for Speed (PS4, Xbox One). Ghost is making an accessible racing game that can appeal to you even if you aren’t the best racer. Yay customization!”
Lucas:Street Fighter V (PS4). It was probably enough to have a new Street Fighter, but this really is a *new* Street Fighter. It’s a total overhaul of the systems we’ve grown used to and maybe tired of since IV hit the streets in 2008.”
April: “I think I have to stick with the Technomancer (PS4, Xbox One) for this one. The gameplay footage that I was shown at my behind closed doors Focus meeting showed a really great amount of customization. You really can play the game however you want, and it looks gorgeous to boot.”
Chris:Dark Souls III (PS4, Xbox One). By designing it around current-gen consoles, they’ve managed to craft some amazing visual effects for environments and enemies alike.”

corpse party blood drive 1

Best Handheld Game at E3 2015

Jenni: “This was really a JRPG show for me, and Legend of Legacy (3DS) with its multiple protagonists and thoughtful battle system really stood out.”
Graham: “There were so many tactical RPGs like this on the original DS (and, well, the PSP and Vita), but Stella Glow, Imageepoch’s swan song, will be welcome on the 3DS.”
Lucas:Corpse Party: Blood Drive (Vita) may not have been a great game for a show floor demo, but with this game, the series is headed in a new, ambitious direction that may take away from the scares, but add to the story and characters.”
April: “I suppose if I had to choose, I’d go with The Legend of Zelda: Tri-Force Heroes (3DS). It’s great to see the Zelda franchise get another multiplayer game, but depressing because I know I’ll have no one to play it with.”
Chris:Mario & Luigi Paper Jam (3DS). The two series have always been close cousins, each arguably derived from Super Mario RPG, and seeing them brought together in this comical way has me eager.”

xcom 2 e3 2015

Best PC Game at E3 2015

Jenni: “Getting XCOM 2 (PC) is quite a big deal, and seeing the first glimpses of it in action were super exciting.”
Brian: “The decision to have humanity lose the war in XCOM 2 (PC) is gutsy, and sets up a potentially great storyline.”
Graham: “You’d think yarn would be cute, but Unravel (PC) was possibly the most harrowing experience at the show. Intense. Powerful.”
Lucas: ” I only played one PC game, but Bedlam (PC) was interesting. Skyshine took the Banner Saga engine and created a Mad Max-style wasteland resource management/tactics RPG/roguelike/board game that I am super excited to see more of, despite being terrible at strategy.”
April: “Oculus Rift titles count right? In that case I have to go with Edge of Nowhere (PC). Insomniac games really proved that not all virtual reality titles have to be first person with this one.”
Chris: “The situation is still bleak for our band of travelers in The Banner Saga 2 (PC), and every decision feels like it carries intense weight. It’s a good thing the demo ended when it did, or I might still be standing there weighing my options”

steamworld heist e3 2015

Best Indie Game at E3 2015

Jenni: “I was able to make a sentient object eat a living coffee bean, poop it out, thus transforming it into poop, then flushing the poop in a toilet to make it a golden poop. Wattam (PS4) is great.”
Brian: “A multiplayer endless runner like SpeedRunners (PC, Xbox One) on my Xbox One? Oh yes. I will firing homing missiles at my wife, and we will love it.”
Graham: “The Image & Form team is taking on turn-based strategy, and SteamWorld Heist (3DS, PS4, Vita, Wii U, Xbox One, PC) somehow feels unlike any other strategy game out there.”
Lucas: “TinyBuild really has something special here with SpeedRunners (PC, Xbox One), and playing it on the Xbox One with friends all screaming at each other will be worth scraping together four controllers.”
April: “My conversation with Bossa Studios designer Luke Williams reiterated my theory that Worlds Adrift (PC) will be all about the fans. It’s going to be a cooperative, semi-casual MMO, with an evolving history based on what players do.”
Chris: “For appearing so minimalistic, EITR (PS4, PC) incorporates several fun ideas and is being constantly adjusted in response to feedback. For as good as it looks and feels now, I expect it to be even greater come release.”

horizon ps4 e3 2015

Best Console/Handheld Exclusive Game at E3 2015

Jenni:Fire Emblem Fates (3DS) is going to be the best, and it’s a shame we have to wait until 2016 for it.”
Graham:The Legend of Zelda: Tri Force Heroes (3DS).
Nintendo’s experience making cooperative dungeon crawlers is letting it make a 3DS game with a lot of nuance and polish.”
Lucas: “Omega Force continues to grow and experiment, and Dragon Quest Heroes (PS4) does with Musou and Dragon Quest what Hyrule Warriors did with Musou and Zelda.”
April: “I’ll have to pick Horizon: Zero Dawn (PS4) for this one. Yes, yes, it’s from one of the big names, which makes it less appealing to video game hipsters, but it looks fabulous. Especially after I’m hearing Sony was anxious about having a female protagonist, and went for it anyway.”
Chris:Yoshi’s Woolly World (Wii U) evokes fond memories of the SNES original while adding new elements for a distinct challenge. Playing it in person placed it firmly on my radar.”

street fighter v e3 2015

E3 2015 Show Favorite

Jenni:Mario & Luigi: Paper Jam (3DS) combined two great RPG series – Mario & Luigi and Paper Mario – into one. You can’t beat that.”
Brian:Fallout 4 (PS4, Xbox One, PC). Have I mentioned how much I love Fallout recently?”
Graham: “Keita Takahashi’s return deserved better than a sliver of the IndieCade space; Wattam (PS4) is his best work since the first Katamari.”
Lucas:Street Fighter V (PS4). I’ve already said what’s cool about it, and I definitely gravitated toward the Capcom area every instance of free time I had. Capcom still got it.”
April: “Show favorite that I experienced myself was definitely Edge of Nowhere (PC). Show favorite that I didn’t experience? Kingdom Hearts III (PS4, Xbox One) I suppose. I mean, who doesn’t want to ride on a giant, whirling pirate ship covered in neon lights?”
Chris:King’s Quest (PC). Everything The Odd Gentlemen presented demonstrated that they’re treating the classic series with care and respect, and I can’t wait to explore the branching narrative in full.”

skylanders bowser amiibo e3 2015

Biggest Surprise at E3 2015

Jenni: “With how poorly the original Nier performed, it’s amazing to see Square Enix bringing Platinum Games in to create a PS4 follow-up.”
Brian:Final Fantasy VII (PS4) was perhaps the biggest feel good moment of a Sony press event filled with them.”
Graham: “Xbox One backward compatibility
Time will tell whether it works competently enough or if it will support the games I want to play, but any effort on this front is appreciated.”
Lucas: “I’m not the biggest fan of Final Fantasy VII in the world, but it’s still pretty shocking the PS4 remake is actually happening, especially considering Square-Enix’s recent troubles.”
April: ” I’ve gotta go with Graham on this one, the Xbox One backwards compatibility announcement. It’s something I think all of us have been hoping for since they stopped making consoles backwards compatible.”
Chris: “The Bowser and Donkey Kong Skylanders/amiibo. I would never have expected this level of collaboration between competing DLC-as-toys platforms, so it’ll be fascinating to see how this one plays out.”

animal crossing amiibo festival e3 2015

Biggest Disappointment at E3 2015

Jenni:Harvest Moon: Seeds of Memories (Wii U/PC/Android/iOS) does not look good for something that’s supposed to be out this winter.”
Brian: ” I get the feeling the Big N is cutting their losses for this console generation and focusing on mobile, the 3DS and getting NX going.”
Graham:Animal Crossing: amiibo Festival (Wii U). I like Animal Crossing, I like board games and, heck, I even like buying the occasional amiibo. This looks to be a waste of all three concepts.”
Lucas: “It’s great that Square-Enix has a new, JRPG-centric studio, but where are all the cool JRPGs already out in Japan?”
April: ” I’d have to say my biggest disappointment was the new Last Guardian (PS4) footage. They didn’t really show us anything that we hadn’t already seen (other than yes of course, actual gameplay).”
Chris:Metroid Prime Blast Ball‘s (3DS) multiplayer, first-person, soccer-like experience was rather dull, and I only felt in control by standing back and blasting from afar. Most goals seemed accidental, and I can’t see this finding a place among more competent and enjoyable multiplayer pastimes.”

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