Butlers and maids will be your new favorite Fire Emblem Fates class

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joker jakob fire emblem fatesI wasn’t going to marry Joker, also known as Jakob in Fire Emblem Fates, in Fire Emblem If. To be honest, I wasn’t sure who I was going to make my princess marry in the game. I only began playing it on June 24, 2015, and figured I’d get a feel for characters as I played. Since Yukimura was her uncle, and thus not an available marriage option since she isn’t from the Lannister family, I decided to keep my options open and perhaps go for practicality.

Then, I went through the tutorials and realized Jakob was the one. This is the Fire Emblem Fates man of my dreams. Why? Because he’s a Butler.

Butlers and Maids are classes new to the Fire Emblem series, making their debut in Fire Emblem Fates. No matter which side or gender you choose, one of them will be at your side. Technically, they begin as Rod Knights, but eventually advance to the servant class. They’re ridiculously efficient characters, due to functioning as both healers and attackers.

An early game problem in some Fire Emblem games is the frailty of Clerics and Troubadours. The characters are necessary units in battle, healing any allies close to succumbing to wounds. The problem is, keeping them on the front lines, where they’re most needed, means keeping a constant guard around them to ensure their safety. Leave one alone and they’re lost.

The Rod Knight Butler and Maid classes solve this problem. Jakob could stand by my princess’ side in battle, acting as both a sword and shield. He wasn’t defenseless, but still functioned as full support. In the early game, Jakob was by far one of my most practical units.

So of course, my character has to marry him. He may not be a megane. He might not be the wittiest man on the field. But damned if he can’t take a hit and restore an ally.

And so, Corrin and Jakob has become my Fire Emblem Fates canon couple, just as Lyndis will always be with Rath in Fire Emblem and Eirika with Seth in Fire Emblem: The Sacred Stones. You can’t tamper with some OTPs, especially when one of the members’ classes is unbelievably good.

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  • khalyeezy

    Too bad they changed his name in the localization! I grew fond of the name Joker tbh