Fire Emblem Fates’ avatar customization is impressive

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fire emblem fates 2
Fire Emblem Fates’ avatar customization is impressive

Like Fire Emblem Awakening, Fire Emblem Fates allows a player to adjust their avatar to their liking. This time, however, it goes beyond two female options and two male options, though. Instead, Fates takes a cue from BioWare and Bethesda games, allowing people far more control over their characters’ appearance.

Let’s go through all of the decisions you make in Fire Emblem Fates before actually beginning the game. You decide your character’s gender, and are able to pick from 2 body types, 12 hairstyles, hair color, 6 hair accessories if your character is a girl, which facial you favor, an optional facial scar or mark, and his or her voice. Once you’ve decided the physical features, a player can also pick a birthday, decide on strong and weak points and assign him or her a quality. Trust me when I say this will take a long time and naturally the decisions reflect themselves in your character’s portrait and stats. Fortunately, if you feel you need to change your choices, you can alter your hairstyle or hair accessory in My Castle area.

What impressed me most is that the 3D model of the avatar showcases the stylistic choices made during the Fire Emblem Fates creation process as well. Here’s a screenshot of my character during an event scene, where she protects some opponents from a finishing blow.
fire emblem fates 1
She has the same hairstyle and color, as well as the hair ornament and eyes I picked when I made her. Nintendo could have skimped on these details, but didn’t. My Corrin looks exactly like the character I made.

Intelligent Systems could have left it at that. Making sure the character portraits and model look like the personal avatar is enough, really. But the developer did one more thing to make Fire Emblem Fates extra special. Your character’s sprite on the battlefield and in the My Castle area changes based on your decisions as well. As you can see, my sprite has the brunette side-ponytail.
my castle fire emblem fates

All of these bonuses really serve to make Fire Emblem Fates an immersive experience. I can really pretend that my princess is me, if I so desired. I mean, sure, she would have needed glasses too, but maybe this version of me is so magical that she doesn’t need corrective lenses? Anyways, it’s a nice bonus.

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  • seth weston

    Awakening was less in-depth, though.