Dark Pit amiibo product listing appears at Best Buy

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dark pit amiiboGet your bookmarking finger ready, because I’ve got a site for you. If you’re one of the few, proud and desperate hoping to collect all of Nintendo’s NFC figures, the time has come to begin your hunt for the Dark Pit amiibo. The first product listing for the toy has appeared online.

Currently, only Best Buy has a product listing for the Dark Pit amiibo. The store isn’t taking orders yet. It’s only showing that eventually, hopefully, you’ll be able to place an order to get Pit’s alter ego there for $12.99. You know, if the scalpers don’t beat you to it.

Unfortunately, the placeholder page doesn’t state if the Dark Pit amiibo is going to be a Best Buy exclusive. That happened before with Meta Knight. It could be a possibility, since the NFC figure is only showing up at one store at the moment and is of a rather rare, lesser known figure.

Listen, the Dark Pit amiibo is going to be hard to find. It may even turn out to be the next Best Buy exclusive. Brace yourself for the worst and take solace in the fact it only works with Super Smash Bros.

Product Page [Best Buy]

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  • Tomes2789

    Poorly written, and all your information was taken from Reddit. Don’t take credit for a redditor’s find.