This week on the PlayStation Store, June 23, 2015

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PlayStation Store Batman: Arkham Knight


Big week on the PlayStation Store. Lots of Batman, lots of games. But especially Batman. If any readers out there somehow hasn’t had Batman shoved down their throats in the past several months, I truly envy you, and I love Batman. Besides the Dark Knight, expect a whole bunch of new stuff, and a new flash sale featuring a bunch of neat fantasy (mostly RPGs!) games across the PlayStation Store ecosystem. Let’s get this thing rolling:


  • Batman: Arkham Knight ($59.99)

Yep, here it is. It’s the fourth Arkham joint, and the return of Rocksteady after a break. If that’s cause for celebration, this is probably a guaranteed purchase. Moving on!

  • Devil May Cry 4: Special Edition ($24.99)

The best game in the series, with a bunch of new playable characters and modes and a slight visual upgrade. Legit.

  • Planetside 2 (Free to Play)

A big ol’ online shooter from Daybreak, the dev taking over for stuff like DC Universe Online.

  • Arcade Archives Raiders 5 ($7.99)

This one I’ve never heard of, but it looks super interesting. It sort of looks like a shmup mixed with a Bomberman-type deal?

  • Attacking Zegeta ($7.99)

Shoot robots and stuff in this super indie platformer.

  • Don’t Starve: Giant Edition ($14.99)

The latest version of this hardcore survival joint hits the PlayStation Store. 3-Way Cross Buy.

  • Ender of Fire ($19.99)

A sidescrolling, three-player fantasy action game!

  • Riptide GP2 ($6.99)

Pseudo-futuristic watercraft racing.

  • Tour de France 2015 ($49.99)

This is exactly what it sounds like. Also on PS3 for ten dollars less.

  • Shantae: Risky’s Revenge: Director’s Cut ($9.99)

Shantae hits the PS4! I reviewed the Steam version of this game myself, and it’s pretty solid.


  • Suikoden 3 ($9.99)

Konami out of nowhere, with more Suikoden on the PlayStation Store. Huh. Neat!



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