2k Sport’s Top Spin coming to the Wii

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Top Spin screen

2K Sports has just announced that it will be bringing popular tennis franchise, Top Spin, to the Wii Spring 2008. The new game is being developed from the ground up to take advantage of both the Wii-mote and nunchuk, insuring this won’t be a simple port. 2K’s Paris PAM development is doing the honors on this title in conjunction with 2K Shanghai, and gamers can expect it out in Spring 2008.

The control scheme uses the nunchuk to control movement and aiming while the WiiMote controls the precision movements determining the speed, power, and style of the shot (top spin, slice, etc.). Game modes will include singles, doubles, exhibition, tournament, and the requisite party games that support up to four players. Additionally, the game will feature “more than a dozen” licensed tennis pros and ten original characters.

It looks like 2K is aiming for a balance between family-friendly party game and actual sports title. If they can pull this off, Wii Tennis might be in for an early retirement.

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