Rumor Confirmed: Eidos approached to be purchased by unnamed company

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Eidos approached by companiesSCi Entertainment Group, aka Eidos, released a statement to the London Stock Exchange that confirms speculation that it was approached by an unnamed company with an offer.

The rumors began when SCi Entertainment acquired Eidos Interactive May 2005. Since then the company admits being approached multiple times in January 2006 with Midway and Vivendi Games rumored to be among the companies making offers. Talks of a take over were believed to have ended February 2006 until, in October 2006, there where rumors of Time Warner showing interest.

A statement released by Eidos only offered a few details about the offer, though SCi did explain that it has entered into preliminary discussions regarding a potential acquisition of the company and although the interested party has not been named.

The statement reads:

“No proposal has been received at this time, however, and there can be no certainty that any offer for the Company will be made or as to the terms of any such offer were one to be made. Following the recent speculation in the press, the Board of SCi Entertainment Group confirms that it has received an approach and as a result has entered into extremely preliminary discussions regarding a possible offer for the Company.”

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