Halo 3 Marathon Man achievement revealed

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MM_achievement.jpgSo, you’ve beaten Halo 3 on Legendary, you’re a headshot honcho, pink mist sprayer, laser master, and your online medal chest looks like that of a war hero and you’ve even found all 13 skulls But you still only have 960 out of 1000 possible achievement points. You just can’t find that last terminal to unlock the coup de grace, the illusive Marathon Man achievement.

The achievement is a thinly veiled way of Bungie giving props to its past. Terminals such as these were used in the FPS, Marathon, developed during the early days of Bungie and were used to reveal plot before the days of voice overs. And in Halo 3, they are intentionally difficult to locate, but once all seven are found a forty-point achievement is unlocked.

If you are finding this one tough to unlock then the folks at GamesRadar have discovered the secret. In order to unlock the Marathon Man achievement in Halo 3 you have to find, activate, and read through seven terminals scattered throughout the single-player campaign.

GamesRadar doesn’t just hint at where the terminals are located or give vague descriptions. They essentially lead you by the hand to each one by offering a video that clearly shows where each is located and the best way to get there.

All seven terminals are thoroughly discussed and like some all knowing being who decided to throw us an extra bone, they also reveal an eight terminal. This terminal isn’t necessary for unlocking the achievement but offers another cut scene of Cortona, Master Chief’s holographic sidekick, which alludes to a topic covered in Ghosts of Onyx. For all you none Halo nerds, Ghosts of Onyx is one of the series of book written by Eric Nylund focused on the Halo universe.

Yeah, almost ashamed I knew that one. Anyway, the article is definitely worth the read. But remember, if you are a purist then stay away. It’ll ruin your cheat-free rep.

Read [GamesRadar] Game Site [Marathon]

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  • john


  • taylor

    I've gotten all the terminals and i still cant get the achievment!

  • billy joe

    Ok, I found all those terminals, read through them all and it won't give me that stupid achievement. Please help, is it because I did'nt play from the start of the mission?

  • Phil Madison

    Did you make sure to read all the way through each terminal. By that I mean did you read through the first portion, wait for the hack, and then read throught the rest. I know you have to do that. I can't remember if you have to start at the begining of the level or not. I will research that and get back to you if I find something.

  • taylor

    there is another part after the hack(red part)?

  • R16saint


  • Micky

    Dude, I THINK you have to start from the very beggining of every level, on at least normal difficulty, also as a little tip, read through all of the stuff, then go back and read it all again, just to be sure =] Hope this helps you =]

  • Micky

    Dude, I think you need to start the level from the very beggining, on at least normal difficulty, also as a little tip, read all of the stuff, then walk away then read it all again, just to be sure =] Hope this helps you =]

  • Steve K.

    There is no special order or anything. Here's how you do it.

    If you don't follow these instructions you wont get the achievement:

    There are 7 terminals in total and you must reach the end of the messages on each one (You'll See "//Fragment End") to register the terminal as found.

    Instructions to read the Terminals:
    - Press RB to enter the terminal.
    - Press A several times to skip all the possible messages until it stops.
    - Wait a few seconds (don't press any button) until the terminal turns red.
    - It will show a little animation and it will turn blue again to reveal more messages.
    - Press A several times to skip all the messages until it stops again.
    - When you see the last message, you can leave the terminal, press B (See next paragraph).

    Terminal's last line (except for Legendary):
    No.5: [35:52:75:23:64] _ xx01-83-244.53
    No.7: // ALL RECORDS CEASE (Press A some more)

    Additional Information:
    - You can do this on any difficulty.
    - You can use rally points (Alpha/Bravo).
    - You can do this on Coop (All players should be close to the terminal).
    - You don't need to finish the levels.
    - You don't have to get them in order.
    - You don't need the 8th terminal to get the achievement.


    Locations (They're in the video):
    1. In the first building, turn left and go through the door. You should be in a curved corridor, and the terminal is just on the side.

    2. After Guilty Spark opens the door, continue through until you activate a bridge. Turn around and the terminal is in front of you. (It only opens after you activate the bridge.)

    3. After you defeat the Scarab and enter the buildings, and you have killed the sleeping Covenant, go down the ramp to a locked door (you must take the left door). Then, go down another (larger) ramp. At the back of this ramp, go round the back to find a small room containing the terminal.

    4. In the first tower, before you go up the lift, cross it to the other side. There is a terminal in the darkness.

    5. In the second tower (the one the Elites took). Go to the tower entrance, (it's locked) turn around and then terminal is in front of you.

    6. In the third tower, (just like in the first tower) before you go up the lift, cross it to the other side. There is a terminal.

    7. After you exit the first cave at the start of the level keep right and take the icy slope upto a building (heading back on yourself). The terminal is inside. You can also turn right at the ledge where you jump down before the exit of the cave and walk right up to the entrance to the room with the terminal. Thereby not triggering the Flood by exiting the cave.


    The 8th Terminal:

    It can be found on the level, "Cortana", and is located on the basement floor of the room with the "Tilt Skull" in it. At the very bottom of this room, there is a Gravity Hammer leaning against a stand. This stand is a Terminal (although it does not look like the other terminals in the game, it simply looks like a pedestal of light).

    Upon accessing it, Cortana will take over your HUD with a brief message, which is a reference to the Novel "The Fall of Reach", according to Avateur over at ABO.

  • leo

    Steve K weres the video??

  • dustin

    I've found all eight terminals and I still can't get the achievement, I've even read through everyone completely, and I've tried on every difficulty, so can anyone tell me.?

  • fred

    i have found all seven terminals, 3 on arc, 3 on covenant, 1 on halo, read through the 1st message, waited through red part to next message and read through that and i still cant get the achievement

  • Garth

    hey, you have to access all the terminals in the same diffuculty. If you do one on normal, you must do all on normal. I did 6 on normal, then did the last on leg. to read the extra mesesge, it didnt give it to me, then redid the last one on normal, then it gave it to me.
    dont need to finish the levels.

  • kyle

    i read them all to the end and the red part and found each one and read them at least 3 times each and still didnt get the achievment is it because i did the arc then the covenant and then LEFT AND SKIPPED CORTANNA and then did the last one on halo

  • your savior

    Ok, for all you still having problems after all this time lol….. All you have to do is load the next "part". For example: The first Terminal (in the level "The Ark") will not be able to become hacked until you load the next part. Once you see "Loading…Done" near the bottom left of your screen, go back to the terminal, and hack it then.

    To hack it: Open it up by pressing RB, go to the last page by clicking A until it stops changing pages. Wait up to 30 seconds until it start making noises and turning red. After this, it will start scrolling through the background pentagon images, and bring you to more text. In Legendary, the last lines should read something weird (i forgot), and on all other difficulties it will read "//Fragment Ends".

    Your Welcome

  • helps the savior

    ^ It says "This anomaly bears closer examination"

  • justin

    hey if you cant get the achievement go through and find them and READ THEM ALL THE WAY THROUGH DORKS gosh if you do read them it gives you a little story durning the halo 3 story so read them all the way through and youll get the achievement i promise because i ran through them and didnt get it so i went and read them and got it.

  • Drew

    I'm having the same promblem with the temanials I know where they all are and I have tried about 10 different times! I don't know why i'm not getting the achiviement. I'm pressing RB I wait untill it turns red wait go all the way to the end and I can get it. I'm going Fuc- ing crazy. Does it matter that I haven't beating the game on lengendary frist?

  • lee


    You have to find the terminals on Legendary and wearing the masterchief helmet that came with the legendary edition.