Gamertell Quick Review: Halo Mimobot flash drive

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Gamertell Halo Mimobot Flash Drive All Angles

Gamertell Halo Mimobot Flash Drive in Coat Mimobots are small, 2 3/8 in. tall USB 2.0 flash thumb drives with pretty plastic covers molded and painted to look like Halo soldiers. I recently received the 1 GB Master Chief version to play with.

Released October 2007, Halo Series 1 Mimobots come in 1 GB ($49.95), 2 GB ($69.95) and 4 GB ($109.95) versions with Master Chief, Red and Blue Spartan variations. Each comes in a clear tube so you know which one you are getting. Besides the drive you get a tiny, fuzzy zip-up coat to keep your l’il guy drive cozy. It covers most of the flash drive except for a small hole for the face to peep through (though in the case of Mater Chief, it’s really just a featureless facemask). Check out the placement of the lightning bolt. Classy.

The 1 GB Halo Mimobot is cute and functional. It is, after all, a working flash drive.

Gamertell Halo Mimobot Flash Drive Wallpaper

Each drive comes preloaded with Halo-related media, including wallpapers (one is pictured above), screensavers, sounds, avatars (see the image below for the avatars) unpublished pages from the Marvel Halo comics, sections from the Halo 3 strategy guide, excerpts from the upcoming Halo novel and an exclusive episode of in-game talk show This Spartan Life. All of the contents a compressed into a single ZIP file that is approx. 188 MB big and expands to 208 MB.

Gamertell Halo Mimobot Flash Drive Avatars

It has an optional Flash-based interface (below) to view the contents but, again, you have to unzip the contents to use it. It does give you access to the Halo novel, but in a pretty small chunks. All of the content is Win and Mac compatible.

Gamertell Halo Mimobot Flash Drive Interface

The wallpapers are not really Halo game images but are instead Halo Mimobot images. Still cute and kinda cool, but not the Master Chief most people are expecting, I’m sure.

Oddly, after I installed the three screensavers, I got an error message that said the screen savers had expired and none of them would work except in the small demo format. From the demos, I could see that the gun version was the halo gun with shells floating around the screen, the second gad ever expanding icons into more halo icons and the third, and maybe the coolest of the lot, was line drawings of Halo art, a la the Marvel comic book.

In terms of a flash/thumb/USB drive, this works well enough though its content-free and less colorful cousins. For the price, it is obviously meant to appeal to the many, many Halomaniacs out there who don’t mind spending some extra scratch on a potentially collectible item.

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