Wee game banned in Belgium

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A good place to weeThere’s a different type of console available exclusively for men in Belgium that is essentially a screen mounted over urinals and features a racing game. One word comes to mind on this matter – Ewww! Grossness! (Editor’s Note: That is one noise and one word.)

The game in question is called The Piss-Screen. Seriously that’s the name. If you’re looking for a less vulgar name try A Place to Pee. The urinals were installed in the restrooms of a GamePower Expo in Gent, Belgium. Belgium police did not find the game amusing and the game was banned.

The urinal design was created by Marcel Neundörfer. The basin has a pressure-sensitive screen recessed into it. I’d hate to be the one to clean that in the morning much less think about it. I’m feeling grossed out just typing this at the moment.

Supposedly this game also improves a male’s “aim” as well as add entertainment in the bathroom. It was designed to help intoxicated males at bars to make the decision of choosing a taxi over driving home by engaging them in a racing game displaying over the urinal. If the “driver” swerves too much, crashes or misses then he is too drunk to drive themselves and should call a taxi.

I had no clue a bathroom game existed and, being a girl, I probably never would until I came across this article about a wee game in the men’s room.

But then again, on those long sits in the ladies room I could use a PSP or handheld game to bide my time. Hey, you can only read about who’s being a jerk and who’s a slut in the area or look at lewd and gaudy artwork but so many times on stall door.

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