Classic Atari games arriving on Xbox Live

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Asteriods Deluxe

Now that Asteroids and Asteroids Deluxe are available on Xbox Live Arcade, Atari has announced that three other classic arcade titles are on their way for the service. Battlezone, Tempest and Warlords will receive the “Asteroids treatment”, bringing both the original title and a version with enhanced graphics, sound, and special FX to Xbox Live Arcade. The games will be released “this holiday season” according to the press release.

One of the more exciting new features is the announcement of new multiplayer modes in Battlezone and Warlords. Both games will make use of the Xbox Live camera so players can watch live video of their opponents. All games will have three difficulty selections, HD support, achievements, and limited time trial modes for picky gamers. 

It’s high time Xbla got the classic Atari treatment. Classic gamers should jump on this chance to kick it old school (and probably kick some newbie butt while they’re at it). The games are slated for release this holiday, so if you’re sick of the AAA titles and craving simple action, you should check them out.

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