Alleged video games for girls

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Think twice before buying stereotypical games for girls

A patronizing new article from Lou Keston does a fantastic job of recommending stereotypical, subpar games for young girls. He begins by discussing that girls want to create and nurture while boys want to demolish and destroy, then recommends three games which are supposedly appropriate for girls. His choices for young girls are Disney Princess: Enchanted Journey for the Wii and PS2, Imagine Babyz for the DS, and Hannah Montana Music Jam for the DS. As much as it pains me to say it, the Hannah Montana game is the lesser of the combined evils.

It breaks my heart to see recommendation lists like this for girls. The games are always tripe that seem designed to placate rather than stimulate young minds. All three games Keston recommends perpetuate female stereotypes, like the princess, the mother/babysitter and the pop star. Give girls the chance to experience the same intelligent adventures found in the games which are supposedly geared towards boys, and think differently when picking a video game for her.

If you’re going to buy a game for a young girl, try one of these three instead. She’ll thank you for it.

Kingdom Hearts for the PS2 is a classic action RPG with heart, humor and a great story. Players take the role of Sora, a young boy who stumbles from his home into a strange new land when trying to save his friend Kairi. He teams up with Donald and Goofy and ventures through Disney-themed worlds. It is rated Everyone and costs $19.99.
Touch Detective 2 and 1/2 for the DS is detective simulation game starring Touch Detective Mackenzie and her mushroom assistant Funghi. As an amateur detective, she goes around her town solving cases brought to her by friends or the community. It is intelligent, funny and fresh. It is rated Everyone and costs $19.99.
Gurumin: A Monsterous Adventure for the PSP is a platformer/RPG starring Parin, a young girl who moves to an isolated town to live with her grandpa and discovers that friendly monsters live nearby. When trouble comes, she takes up a legendary drill and sets out to save her new friends. This game is easy to play, colorful and has an interesting story. It is rated Everyone 10+ and costs $29.82.

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