Lego Universe publisher targets web-based game genre

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Lego Racer
Console and PC games take millions of dollars to develop and that expense trickles right down to consumers. But browser-based games are a cheap, fun alternative to their full-fledged PC and console cousins, while still remaining commercially viable for their developers. In recent times many developers of all sizes have diverted their attention towards the development of such games. Now NetDevil, the developer behind the Lego Universe game, is going to submerge itself into the world of web-based flash games.

The company has been encouraged by the advancements in Flash game technology, which have made it possible for developers to distinguish types of games they might have not been able to develop before using Flash. Scott Brown, president NetDevil, told Next-Gen that web-based development has given them an opportunity to develop games that they might have not otherwise tried with a full 3D MMO budget. The developer also has MMO’s like Auto Assault to its credit.

The first of its Flash games is going to be Lego Racer, a game based on the popular toy franchise. The game will have five customizable cars and both online and offline race modes.

But rest assured that NetDevil has no plans of eschewing its big-game development activities as Scott Brown told Next-gen, “That part of the business is not going anywhere.”

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