Warner rests gaming hopes on company veteran

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Indicative of the recent platform-traversing trend in entertainment, Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment is developing a keen interest in the videogames business. It was only a month ago that the news of its $210 million acquisition of TT Games (publisher and developer of Lego Batman) broke out and now it has named John P. Quinn, a seasoned campaigner at the company, the new VP of it worldwide operations.

John Quinn’s promotion means that he will have to ensure that WBIE game sales witness an upward sales trend in coming times. The upcoming WBIE titles include the likes of Lego Batman, Speed Racer and Project Origin among others, and Quinn will look to make them all a success.

Quinn is a Warner’s veteran, having joined Warner Communications in 1977, and he has occupied several key positions in the company during his career. He is the ideal man for the job as he has accumulated some precious expertise in sales and distribution, having served as the VP of sales at Warner Home Video in the U.S during the 1990’s and, subsequently, as the executive VP of the firm’s global supply chain.

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