PSP trumps Wii in weekly Japanese sales

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The Wii has been pretty invincible around the globe since it first became available, and its sporadic failure to top sales charts in any part of the world makes news. It becomes an even more significant defeat if it comes on Nintendo’s home turf in Japan, and this is exactly what happened. The Wii lost out to Sony’s PSP in terms of weekly sales but Nintendo has something to cheer about still as its handheld offering the DS remained on top.

According to a article, The DS ruled the roost as far as overall console sales in Japan for the week ending December 16, 2007 were concerned. The second spot belonged to the PSP with double the sales registered in the previous week, without a major new title being released for it. Wii had to settle in for the third, while the Xbox 360 was so far behind that the difference between the Wii and the 360 could have been used as an adequate unit of inter-galactic distance.

Nintendo managed to sell 222,114 units of the DS and 170,558 units of the Wii respectively. The PSP registered a 100% growth in sales this week with 184,610 units sold. The Xbox 360 grappled with its most fierce competitor (the 10,000 unit mark) on weekly Japanese games charts, (The 10,000 unit mark is indeed a fierce, unrelenting competitor) with 8,561 units sold.

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