Important Importables: The Must-Import GBA game

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It is no secret that the Game Boy Advance is dead or, at the very least, dying a slow death, barely kept alive by games based on popular children’s movies and TV shows. Rather than mourning and casting aside any hope, devoted fans of the system should instead look online for import games.

Due to the demise of the system, many online retailers who still carry import GBA games are reducing the prices of the titles. A game which normally would have cost $40 can be found for a fourth of the price.

When you add to that the fact that GBA games have no region protection and the DS is backwards compatible with those titles, it provides added incentive to see what is out there.

While many of the great GBA games were translated and released outside of Japan, there are still a few popular titles which never made it. Today we’ll look back at four of the best GBA titles which would make a fine addition to your game library, and look at what I consider to be the Must-Import GBA game.

Honorable Mention – Mother 1+2
Mother 1+2

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  1. I stopped reading halfway.

    Whether or not a game is in another language should have no influence on the merit of the game. If people cannot read another language, that's their problem, not the game's.

  2. Yes, but the fact of the matter is that some people are not multilingual, but still want to enjoy games from different regions that they would normally not have access too. So I wanted to mention only the most import-friendly titles.

    I totally agree that language does not effect whether or not a game is great. (Unless there's a horrible script.) But I just wanted to go for user-friendly with this.

    Jenni Lada