Counter Strike, Everquest face ban in Brazil

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csIn a fresh development, a federal ban has been imposed on popular titles Counter Strike and EverQuest in Brazil.

It was in October 2007 that a Brazilian federal court banned the sales of the two games but it didn’t come into effect immediately. Carlos Alberto Simoes, the federal judge, found the two games to be antagonistic to public order and went as far as calling them “an attack against the democratic state and the law and against public security.”

The two games might have come under attack for being way too riveting – and addictive – but this is the first time that the games have been blamed for inciting seditious anti-state tendicies. A certain Counter Strike mod which takes the game’s action to Rio De Janerio’s crime-infested slums and back alleys, allowing players to play as either cops or local drug dealers, particularly turned the court against the game.

The game industry is expanding at a rapid rate, and the amazing levels of growth have brought attention and recognition in tow. However, the industry has also attracted the attention of politicians and activists, who want to stifle the games industry with stringent laws.

It is difficult to understand why an increasing number of governments across the globe desire a heavily regulated games industry. The games industry needs to be treated at par with cinema, when it comes to regulation and censorship.

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  • Cristian

    These games are very dangerous because you can end up with an <a rel="follow" href="addiction">addiction</a&#62; very easily. Some European countries have also banned CounterStrike and other games that go with the shooter category.