Nintendo’s survey either a sign of the end or time to revamp the GameBoy

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gamertell gameboy survey

Nintendo recently conducted a web poll concerning the GameBoy and, whether I fit some key demographic profile or it was a lucky pick of the draw, I happen to be selected to partake in the survey this weekend (January 20, 2008).

I was sent an email link to a survey site that was marked with the Nintendo logo and featured a few questions about handheld gaming in general, followed by five or six screens of questions specifically about the Nintendo GameBoy Advance SP, followed by several screens of DS Lite questions. Bascially, the tone of the survey pretty much pitted the GameBoy against the DS. (Note that at one point the survey indicated all references to “GameBoy” were meant to be “GameBoy Advance SP”).

A few of the GameBoy-related questions in the survey include:

  • Will you spend more/less/the same amount of time playing the GameBoy in the next 12 months as you do no (which, if it is currently 0 hours, would be “the same.”)
  • Is the GameBoy outdated, solid or will you play it “for along time” (Note that the third option is highlighted/greyed in the survey, though the other two are not. It’s likely an automated differentiation the fields, but still interesting.)
  • What do you dislike about the GameBoy?

Those were followed by questions concerning the utility of the DS, its ability to play GameBoy games, the touchscreeen, the dual screens, WiFi and use as a Wii controller (basically, the reasons why the DS is technologically superior to the GameBoy).

When I see a survey like this, it tells me that Nintendo is looking into whether it is more financially viable to A) revamp he crap out of its trusty ol’ GameBoy franchise because it still has a bit of life left in it or B) scrap the GameBoy name, admit the DS has completely sucked up the interest of handheld gamers of all types and move on.

Check out the screen caps I grabbed of the survey. Only the image above has been altered (and it was really just rearranged to fit the site). I didn’t get every set of questions though I did grab most of GameBoy and DS related screen.

In case there is a doubt this was a GameBoy survey, the title “GB Survey” on the web browser kinda clinches it.

Photo Gallery [Nintendo’s GameBoy Survey]

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