Star Trek Online stunned but not completely phased

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star trek online mmo P2Just when the light at the end of the tunnel seemed to be getting brighter for us Star Trek fans, bad news comes out from the game’s San Francisco-based developer.

P2 Entertainment, formerly Perpetual Entertainment, has announced it will no longer be working on the highly anticipated Star Trek Online MMO. While few specifics have been offered as to why P2 Entertainment has been pulled from the project, the license and game’s content (which does not include the code) have all been transferred over to a yet-to-be-named Bay Area development studio.

This doesn’t mean that the game is canceled, at least not at this time, but this set back may push the release back another couple of years.

In recent weeks, news, art and screen shots have been released, offering fans a glimpse of what could potentially become one of the most popular MMO titles to come out in the past decade. However, with the recent transfer of the hot license, it might be harder for the new developer to just pick up and continue where P2 Entertainment left off.

Star Trek Online looked as if it might have been able to draw in a huge audience, especially since it is based on a well recognized and popular franchise. With the game’s future uncertain, us devoted Trek fans will have to hold out for a decent game a little longer or hope that Star Trek will miraculously return to television before the next film hits theaters.

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  • Jolene Blalock

    I Was looking forward to this mmorpg for a while, but so far theres really no info out on it.