Microsoft to Honor Developers with Xbox Live Arcade Awards

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Xbox Live ArcadeMicrosoft has announced the very first Xbox Live Arcade Awards to felicitate the developers who have created the 112 downloadable games for the service. Fans can now cast their vote to decide the winners in several important categories. The final nominees for each award were shortlisted by a panel of elite consumer and game journalists.

The voting is already underway and will close on Wednesday (January 30, 2008) at 11:59 p.m. PST. Not all categories are open for voting, though. You can cast your votes for your favorites in the Best Overall Arcade Game, Best Classic Game, Best Original Game, Best Family Friendly Game, Best Competitive Multiplayer Game and Best Cooperative Multiplayer Game categories on the official Xbox Live Arcade Awards website.

Some of the other major categories – in which the fans don’t have a say – include Best Selling Game, Most Played Game, Highest Rated Game and Staff Choice. The winners will be known come The Game Developer’s Conference in February, 2008.

The Xbox Live Arcade games download service has certainly enhanced the Xbox Live experience. It needs to be respected not only for all those fun casual games available for download but also as one of the vanguard digital distribution services.

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