Major League Eating to get served as a videogame

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major league eatingSometimes game have “Platinum Hit” written all over them. And then, they are contenders for the “What the Hell are They Thinking?” award. When it comes to creating a videogame based on the world’s most gluttonous acts, the so-called sport of professional eating, we’ll let you decide which award is most appropriate.

Mastiff Games, a San Francisco based publisher mostly known for Gameboy titles, has acquired the video game rights to the Major League Eating competitions.

The MLE, which oversees all American eating events including the National Hot-Dog Eating Contest, the World Deep-Fried Asparagus Eating Championship and the La Costena Jalapeno Eating Contest, are all expected to be featured in Major League Eating: The Game.

According to Mastiff Games, Major League Eating: The Game will feature the world’s greatest eaters competing across 12 different food types. Built much like a fighting game, MLE: The Game requires players to show brilliant on screen eating and a mastery of offensive and defensive weapons including burps, belches and mustard gas.

Mastiff Games has yet to announce a release window or platforms for Major League Eating: The Game.

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  • Arnie Chapman

    Your info is incorrect. MLE is not the only organization that sanctions eating contest. The Association of Independent Competitive Eaters ( also sanctions contests all over the country. They are also known as ALL PRO EATING PROMOTIONS, LLC

  • Christopher

    Well it is a lot like pro gaming. There are a number of outfits that claim to be the real thing but most people tend to recognize one league over the other, namely those that have the ML attached to their names. And regardless, this game is centered around the MLE league, not any others. And they do oversee pretty much any eating comp across the country, but are by no means the only one's. Regardless, it is doubtful many people will care in the end. This title will probably make it onto the list of worse games of the year…eventually.

  • Tom

    Actually, the article is also wrong about Mastiff. I don't think they do any Gameboy games. They are mainly known for good quality translations of Japanese games like La Pucelle Tactics and Gungrave.

    As for the game, maybe. There was a short video of it on Gamespot last night. Too short to tell but looked like it could be fun.