Aliens: Colonial Marines redeployed from the grave

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aliens colonial marinesThe Aliens franchise has been an enduring existence in film and other media for the better part 30 years. Despite the re-emergence of the franchise with last December’s (2007) AVP-2, the black-skin-and-acid-bleeding beasts haven’t managed to recapture the same fear and stature they once held when the first two films were released. The game industry has been even less kind.

Despite the fact that the science fiction franchise seems to be a breeding ground for worthy source material, few noteworthy Aliens games have made their way into the hands of gamers. One game that did seem to have some potential was, Aliens: Colonial Marines.

Originally under development by Electronic Arts back in 2002 for the PlayStation 2, the first-person shooter would have put gamers into the boots of the Colonial Marines first seen in James Cameron’s 1986 classic, Aliens. The project was eventually dropped by EA.

Gearbox Software, the makers of the wonderful Brothers in Arms series, has picked up the rights to the once dead Aliens title.

The March 2008 issue of Game Informer is scheduled to feature a cover story on the squad-based shooter, bound for PC and consoles in 2009.

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