Marvel Universe Online dead but Champions lives on

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champions onlineAfter the success of City of Heroes and City of Villains, Cryptic Studios has announced that they are brining another superhero inspired MMORPG titled to gamers everywhere, in the form of Champions Online.

Although details on the project haven’t been fully reviled by Cryptic, Game Informer magazine will have a full article on Champions Online in its March (2008) issue. It is expected the article will confirmed that Champions Online will be released on both the PC and next-generation consoles.

Although no specific platforms were mentioned, given Cryptic’s work on Marvel Universe Online, a 360 version is definitely possible.

Earlier this week, news came from Microsoft that Marvel Universe Online had been canceled. This news shocked and disappointed millions of Marvel fans that had been waiting for the chance to live the adventurous life of an actual comic book hero. Before Marvel Universe was dropped by Microsoft, Cryptic Studios was set to work on on the game and release it as an Xbox 360 exclusive. At least we now have a worthwhile MMORPG to look forward to from Cryptic in the form of Champions Online.

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