Enhanced version of The Witcher available in May

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The Witcher is about to get even better

The award winning PC RPG The Witcher is going to receive a special edition rerelease in May 2008. This time the game will hopefully be available in stores around the world. This isn’t going to be some minor change, where the developer CD Projekt RED includes an extra “Making Of” DVD or a couple of extra missions. This is going to be a total revitalization which will make people line up for a copy.

It seems like everything is getting a make over in the new version of The Witcher. Many cosmetic changes will be implemented. Levels will be completely polished, making them easier to navigate, look better and load faster. The inventory system will be redesigned and retooled to make it more accessible to players. Also there will be over 50 NPC models added into the game, as before all NPCs tended to look alike. Not only that, but over 100 additional facial animations will be created for the main character Geralt, and all NPCs.

In addition, the English language version of the title will be completely redone, so the text and storyline is as full and polished as the other languages, for example the German, were. Originally the English language version had very little text and dialogue. The German version will also have new, rerecorded voice acting.

All of that alone would have merited a rerelease, but CD Projekt RED is going to include even more. There is going to be a DVD with a D’jinni Mod Editor to let players create new adventures in The Witcher and two new adventures starring Geralt and Dandelion. There will also be a DVD with a “Making Of” featurette. Plus there will be two CDs of music from the game and inspired by the game. The rerelease will also include an official guide over 100 pages long and an original short story by Andrzej Sapkowski, whose novels were the inspiration for The Witcher.

The Witcher received quite a few awards and nominations after its 2007 release. The official press release states that it was named the PC RPG of the Year by three major online video game publications: IGN, GameSpy and PC Gamer. The Witcher also won “Reader’s choice award for Best RPG” at Gamespot. The game has also received over 45 additional awards and nominations, which can be viewed at the official The Witcher website.

I wasn’t excited about The Witcher originally, but now I am really hyped about it. I’d heard good things, but was hesitant. All of this additional material for the rerelease really seems amazing, so now I’ll definitely have to get a copy.

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