Warriors Orochi on the PC and PSP

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A screen from Warriors Orochi on the PSP

For the first time ever, Warriors Orochi, which combines characters from both Dynasty Warriors and Samurai Warriors, will be released on both the PC and PSP. Koei has announced that the PSP version of the title will be available on March 25, 2008. The PC version has not received a definite release date, but the press release notes that it should also be available by the end of March.

The story and gameplay will be the same as the ones found in the PS2 and Xbox 360 versions of Warriors Orochi. Orochi, the Serpent King, has brought together all of the best Chinese and Japanese warriors in an effort to square off against them and prove his own strength. The “Team Battle” and “Weapon Fusion” systems will also return. With “Team Battle,” players pick three characters to use and will be able to switch among them during battle. “Weapon Fusion” allows players to combine weapon attributes in order to create stronger weapons.

The most interesting parts are how the Warriors Orochi ports are being handled. The PSP version seems like it will be as close to the full console versions as possible, as it will have all 79 characters included, co-op gameplay for two players over ad-hoc Wi-Fi and seamless battlefields. The PC version will have the option to download enhanced graphics, should players decide they would want that.

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