Xbox 360 controller cake for a baby gamer’s first birthday

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gamertell xbox 360 controller cake

You’ve already seen my baby gamer modeling the Wendy’s kids’ meal toys and he helped test the Hallmark Player 1 Christmas ornament (he wore those batteries out pretty dern fast). So it’s only appropriate that, for his first birthday, he have a controller-shaped cake.

My wife made the cake using two chocolate, sour cream based cakes (super moist and yummy) stacked together. She then cut the basic controller shape and iced it with some cream cheese frosting. The thumbsticks were make using marshmallows cut with kitchen scissors (we now recommend the smaller marshmallows for the base of the stick stick to a slice of a regular size marshmallow) covered in grey icing. The buttons were simply colored dabs of icing smoothed with a wet knife. The silvery highlights were made from an experimental, trial-and-error concoction of food coloring and colored gel icing.

Sure, it doesn’t have that refined look of a Duff creation on the Ace of Cakes series on food TV, but it was damn moist and fun to look at. We didn’t want to spend too much time making the icing super smooth since, well, you look at the photo.

gamertell xbox 360 controller baby eating cake

Apparently the right way to eat this cake is buttons and thumbsticks first, not hand smacked in the middle as we though it would be. Instead he poked the red and blue buttons, and then politely removed and ate the thumbsticks. Then moved on to the rest of the colorful buttons.

We eventually sliced it and gave him a piece of his own to freely attack. Here he is offering a bite of videogame-inspired yumminess to the world.

gamertell xbox 360 controller baby offering cake

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  • Christopher

    Nice, start them young. We need more Xbox fans out there…and I do hope the kid didn't eat all of the cake.

  • Amy Tucker []

    Such a handsome man with some beautiful eyes. It's nice to see that someone his age can appreciate the fine things in life. 😉

  • PJ – Gamertell

    He's rather polite, so he did share his cake with the rest of us.

    He's not a clear fan of any single console yet. He seems to prefer the controller for whatever system I'm currently playing.

    Amy – thanks or the compliment. We sure did luck out with this little gamer. (BTW: He also likes veggie sushi).

  • Lester Zapor

    It looks like he takes after his dad in looks, love of games and eating habits.

  • gamer first

    it's really nice! i'd like same pad!:)