Nintendo launches Japanese Wii TV Guide Channel

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Which one is <i>Naruto: Shippuden</i>? I can’t miss my show!” width=”250″ height=”169″ align=”right” /></p><p>A new channel is available for Japanese Wii owners, one which turns the Wiimote into a remote. The Wii TV Guide Channel has just launched in Japan, and does exactly what it sounds like it does. If you have some sort of digital cable box, which allows you to set alerts for programs and see what’s on far in advance, then you basically have an idea of what the latest Wii channel does. It does a bit more than that, but channel surfing is the basic gist.</p><p>The more specific functions are a little more unique to the system. You can set up show alerts, so you will receive a text message or email when it is on, be able to see how many people are watching a show, tell your friends about your favorite shows and help rate upcoming or current programs.</p><p>Of course you also get to use the Wiimote as a remote control. You can change channels and the volume using the Wiimote, but that’s about it. Oh, and of course you use the Wiimote to handle all the other functions mentioned above. So far it looks like this will be a Japan exclusive.</p><p>Read [<a href=Wii Fanboy] Via [Engadget]

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