Prinny cross stitch

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Prinny dood

The timing worked out perfectly with this cross stitch, as it can now be considered a way to celebrate the great news of Disgaea for the DS. It is a standard blue prinny from the original Disgaea PS2 title. I’ve always adored the prinnies and thought they were adorable, plus I’d wanted to try a more advanced sprite, so it seemed like a perfectly natural choice for a cross stitch pattern.

While a lot of sites have Disgaea sprites, I decided to visit Crimson Penguin’s Sprite Page since that site specializes in NIS game sprites. I picked out an appropriate prinny and enlarged the sprite in MS Paint. I didn’t keep track of time with this one, as I’ve started working on cross stitch pieces for about 15 to 30 minutes before I go to sleep to help me relax. This prinny features 12 different colors of embroidery floss – three shades of blue for his body, two shades of beige for his stomach, three shades of brown for his pouch and two shades of yellow for his beak and legs.

This was my fifth, and probably had the most intricate pattern to follow. I really enjoyed working on something more difficult, so I think I’ll work on a PS2 sprite again. My previous pieces were a Burgertime cross stitch, a Link cross stitch, two characters from Little Nemo: The Dream Master and an angel Kirby piece. I love Disgaea, so for my next cross stitch I’m going to use an Etna sprite as a pattern. After that I’ll probably take a break and move on to a different series, but hopefully I’ll eventually get around to making Laharl and Flonne sprite cross stitches as well.

Read [Gamertell] Site [Crimson Penguin’s Sprite Page]

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  • Daniel Perez

    Hey Jenni,

    You did an amazing job with the cross-stitching. I actually know someone from NIS America and I sent your article to them and they wanted me to relay this message to you:

    “Great job, dood!"

    Hope that makes your day :)

  • Jenni L from Gamertell

    Hi Daniel!

    Wow! Thank you so much. And thank them too. XD I'm glad they liked it, and it did make my day. 😀

    So far a lot of people have liked the prinny. I hope they like the Etna cross stitch just as much.

    Thanks again and I'm glad that you, and the person from NIS America, liked it.

  • Nika

    I love this one! the 'dood' makes it perfect.
    The etna one is great too, great work on making them!

  • Jenni Lada

    Thanks Nika! I'm glad you liked both of them. 😀