Quick Review: Dynasty Warriors 6

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dynasty warriors 6

Title: Dynasty Warriors 6
Price: $59.99
System(s): Xbox 360, PS3
Publisher: Koei
ESRB Rating: Teen
Pros: Nice level design, redesign to characters, plenty of missions
Cons: Brain-dead AI, numerous bugs and glitches, terrible story and audio, so-so graphics, no online play, lack of game features or options, same game we’ve played time and time again.
Overall Score: 5/10

Some say that you can’t teach an old dog new tricks. In the case of Koei, that statement would seem to be true as its latest outing in the Dynasty Warriors franchise is just more of the same.

Dynasty Warriors 6 marks the 21st – believe it or not – game in the series, which in its current form first started as a launch title for the PlayStation 2 back in 2000. In all that time almost nothing about the series has changed and, despite that Dynasty Warriors 6 was built from the ground up for next gen consoles, what we get is just a better looking rehash of what gamers been playing for the past 8 years.

There have been some improvements made in the series, namely the level designs, which are the best the series has had to date. Maps have always been large in all the Dynasty Warriors games but now they are massive. The “fog of war” effect that dominated all previous games has been lifted. Now players can view the entire map and the battles that are unfolding. This gives a great sense that you are really part of a large military campaign, and not that the battle only begins when you walk into a fight.

Other improvements are in the numbers of characters that are on the screen at once. While a number of environment objects and NPCs still pop in and out of the screen, it is still impressive to see hundreds of allied and enemy NPC’s battling one another. Characters too have all been redesigned and giving new weapons and moves. Gone are the combo attacks of old. Instead, players now can chain together their attacks with just the repeated pressing of one button.

Outside of those modest updates, little else has been improved. Like all the previous games, a number of major factors still plague the franchise with the greatest offender being the artificial intelligence (AI).

Despite having hundreds of enemy NPCs on screen at one time, even if you are surrounded, they will do little more then stand there looking at you, almost as if they are trying to determine if you are on their side or not. This makes the vast majority of enemies in the game little more then target dummies. Allied AI is however dramatically better as your allied armies and generals will capture any enemy forts in their path as well as, defeat most enemy generals. Still though, you’re most likely going to lose a number of missions not because of your own actions, but rather those of your allied supreme general, who never seemed to have finished basic ancient Chinese boot camp.

Koei also continues to have trouble trying to find a middle ground for what they like and don’t like when it comes to game features. Gone once again is the ability to create your own characters or bodyguards. Unlike other games too you don’t have the ability either to command you armies on the fly, which would have been really helpful in a number of missions. And still, they haven’t included any online play whatsoever.

Despite the fact that Koei claims to have built Dynasty Warriors 6 from the ground up for next generation consoles, you really wouldn’t know that from the visuals. All the in-game cinematics look as if they belong on the last generation of consoles and at times, look unfinished with missing textures and effects. In game the graphics are okay, but there really isn’t anything here that is eye catching or screams next-gen.

Audio and story, well there is really no need to go into those, because if you’ve every played any of the previous titles, then you’ll know how bad they are and what is going to happen. Everything for Dynasty Warriors 6 is completely the same as in previous games.

Like many gamers, I am guilty of playing most of the previous expansions and sequels to this series. While on the past generation of consoles, Dynasty Warriors was a guilty pleasure, but this series has been pretty much bled dry. There is no doubt that if there is a dime to be made, Dynasty Warriors 6 is just the first in another long line of generic sequels and expansions that Koei is bound to be releasing over the next 8 years.

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