Important Importables: Otometeki Koi Kakumei Love Revo DS!! review

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Otometeki box art

Title: Otometeki Koi Kakumei: Love Revo DS!!
Price: $48.90
System(s): Nintendo DS
Release Date: 2/14/08
Publisher (Developer): Interchannel-Holon (Interchannel-Holon)
ESRB Rating: N/A
Pros: Pretty English friendly, good character art, funny storyline, handy quick save/quick load options and CG events happen naturally provided you meet the stat requirements.
Cons: Get out your Action Replay DS – you’re gonna need it. These guys are hard to please, and the hara heri hunger/stress gauge just keeps rising. Some people may also find the story insulting.
Overall Score: 8/10

Otometeki Koi Kakumei: Love Revo DS!! sends a pretty clear message to players – gorgeous guys will only date and fall in love with thin, toned and intelligent girls who are willing to tell the guys what they want to hear. Of course most dating sims require the player to tell their in-game mates what they want to hear, and many also require players to improve their avatar’s traits to win a character’s heart. However Love Revo DS!! is the first game I’ve played where weight can make or break a relationship.

Amazingly enough, it accomplishes this task without being insulting. Rather than feeling like the boyfriend candidates are shallow individuals, the whole set-up seems rather funny. The girl (the player) was adorable as a child, she won beauty pageants and was just precious. Then she got lazy. At the start of the game she’s a 100kg (~220lb) slob who’s dumb as a stump.
Once she was cute. She isn't now.
She and and an old family friend (an older guy she refers to as her brother), move into an apartment complex/dorm near her school for the school year. And surprise surprise, so do seven other attractive, eligible guys. She introduces herself and basically expresses her interest, and the guys express their own thoughts on her, and her less than perfect physique.

So with the assistance of her “brother”, advice from the school doctor (also an elligible bachelor) and help from her friends, she decides to get thin the proper and healthy way and win some guy’s heart along the way.
Look at all the pretty boys - the blue haired one is Souta
I have seen the enemy, and it is the Hara Heri gauge.

After prying the game from my friend’s hands to borrow it, and promising to return it as soon as possible, I set off to play Otometeki Koi Kakumei Love Revo DS!!. I decided on my first run through to go for the blue haired guy Souta. He’s in the grade below the main character and is definitely jailbait, but I’d heard he was one of the easier guys to get. Plus he struck me as being a better person than the other male bachelors, because he likes the main character right away and has the lowest required weight (75kg/165lb).

At first things didn’t seem to go too badly. I managed to trigger two CG cutscene images. Then the hara heri gauge struck. Every activity the girl engages in causes her hara heri stress/hunger gauge to rise. If its blue, she’ll get the most stat boosts from activities. At yellow she’ll get average boosts. At red, well, when it hits red you have to either feed her or make her work, because she’s useless. Snacking reduces the gauge, but there’s a catch – snacking makes her gain weight.

So basically by the middle of the game (which lasts spans one school year), I would basically be forced to feed her, making her gain 1-3kg, then working those off for two weeks, only to have them come right back with friends a week later. Many CGs (which must be seen to raise guys affections) are triggered by weight loss goals in the game, and since she was stagnant around 82kg/180lb for a while I missed some needed CGs and so got a bad ending where the main character’s mocked by a mean, thin girl.
The fat guy, Toru
Even the fat boy didn’t want my character.

Frustrated, I decided to give it another chance before resorting to printing out a guide from the Otome-Wiki. I decided to go for the fat guy Toru, who’s supposedly the girl’s childhood friend. I’d heard Souta and Toru were the easiest characters to win over, and figured he’d be easy.

I was wrong. Horribly wrong. About two days after starting a Toru track, I happened to check the Otome-Wiki and a Gamefaqs guide and discovered a horrible truth – Toru’s stat requirements were higher than Souta’s. For my character to win Toru’s heart, she’d have to weigh under 65kg/143lb, have an 85 overall muscle stat, and her reading and facial stats would have to each be at 60. Granted, Souta required the reading stat to be at 65 and the sports stat at 85, but his weight requirement was 10kg/22lb less!

At that point I abandoned that save. There was no way I was going to waste hours playing when I knew in my heart he’d never want me. I had one alternative left – Action Replay.

Resorting to Action Replay.

I cheated. I admit it. Any one of you would have done the same though! It’s the hara heri gauge and those guys’ unrealistic expectations! They made me do it. (Also they made me conjure up a shiny leafeon for my Pokemon Diamond.)

Surprisingly I didn’t have to look very hard. The Japanese code list in the Action Replay DS client had codes for Otometeki Koi Kakumei: Love Revo DS!!, and also for Tokimeki Memorial Girl’s Side: 1st Love and 2nd Season. I simply dragged and dropped, and set out to play a successful run through of Love Revo DS!!.

I decided I still wanted a challenge, so I didn’t use any of the stat codes – I simply gave my character unlimited cash. For the first week in my new Souta game, I sent my character to the Rose Garden health spa every day and had her get the 15,000 yen full body treatment. In one week I had her go from 100kg/220lb to 84kg/185lb. Needless to say, with the help of Action Replay and the Otome-Wiki, I completed a perfect Souta run.
The new and improved main character
Surprisingly import friendly.

Despite the difficulty level, I’d have to say Otometeki Koi Kakumei: Love Revo DS!! is extremely import friendly. Perhaps even more so than the Tokimeki Memorial Girl’s Side DS titles I love so much. All of the CG events occur automatically, provided your stats are right.

Also there’s a quick save and quick load button on the main screen. During a conversation with a guy, you can quick save before answering. Correct answers always cause a little jingle noise to play, so if you answer incorrectly and don’t hear a jingle, you can quick load and choose a different option.

Plus its entertaining. Despite the serious moral implications and such concerning weight, its presented in a humorous and light-hearted way.

Except for Ayato’s storyline. Ayato’s storyline nearly made me cry.

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  • Lovely

    i search the action reply codes for love revo, do you have it? sorry for my bad english..

  • Jenni Lada

    Hi, I'm glad to help.

    They're actually official Codejunkies codes which are available through the Action Replay Code Manager client.

    In my client the Japanese characters don't show up, but the title is this:
    ??????????? ??????!!DS and it has 11 codes which all end in MAX.

    Since they're official Codejunkies codes, I'm hesistant to copy/paste them.

  • Narin

    If at all possible, could you send m the code lists you are using?

  • Jenni Lada

    Hi Narin -

    These are all codes created by the Action Replay team, and are available through the Action Replay DS client. I'm not sure if its okay to repost codes they have created without their permission.

    If you want to find them in the actual client, look for an entry which ends in DS!!. Or double click the entry to check and see if it has this ID:

    Game ID: YLVJ D3E0A0F6

  • Narin

    Ah thanks for the Game ID, I manage to find the game. At any rate, it seems like the Action Replay client loads the codes from
    Problem is, all the games and codes are in Japanese kanji and not western ASCII so without the proper character set and locale, they show up as question marks in the action replay client.

    At any rate, great review and also great wesbite, I enjoy reading the news headlines and reviews for games. :)

  • Jenni Lada

    I know exactly what you mean. I have the exact same problem. If you double click on titles which have the DS and !! at the end, the ID will come up and you should have no problem.

    Glad you liked the review and site. Thanks so much for visiting Narin! 😀

  • Bella

    After reading what you had to say about the game, I think I may want to buy it.. you said the game was import friendly though, does this mean that even someone who's terrible at Japanese could get by? Also, does it have voice acting at all?


  • Jenni Lada

    Good luck. >.<

    I borrowed my friend's copy for this review. About a month later, I decided I wanted my own. NCSX was the only place with a listing, and they were out. I emailed them and someone said they expected more. Still haven't restocked it.

    There's no voice acting. However, if you answer a question correctly, you'll hear a little jingle.

    If you use the otome wiki guide and an Action Replay DS, you can complete it. If you don't have an AR though, it'll be incredibly difficult.

  • Bella

    Thanks! But.. what's action replay..? *I'm stupid. T_T*

  • Jenni Lada

    Action Replay DS is a cheat device that mods the game a bit. In the case of Otometeki Koi Kakumei, you can add a cheat that gives you unlimited money or immediately boosts all of your character's stats.

  • cilla

    your reveiw is mad!! especially after searching through google pages for a summary or something. >_>

    haha anyway- does this come in english or is it straight japanese?


  • Jenni Lada

    Hi Cilla,

    Straight Japanese. :(

    Buuut… since there's a happy little jingle when you give a correct answer to a guy, you'll know when you're doing the right thing.

    If you want the extra "special" CG image after you've won him though, you have to visit the otome wiki I gave the address for above. It'll have the three words you'll have to spell to get a special image. (Its really easier than it sounds, since as long as the katakana/hirigana/kanji looks something like its supposed to, it'll show up as an option after you've written it.)

    Its a great game. I wish I could find a copy, so I don't have to keep bumming my friend's.

  • Bella

    How do you put the cheat in? Do you need a special device of some sort?


  • Jenni Lada

    @ Bella – Yup you do. There's a device for the DS called an Action Replay DS. You put the code in that (either by connecting it to the computer and dragging and dropping the code in the ARDS client), or enter the code directly into the ARDS when its in your DS. Then, you remove the ARDS and insert the Otometeki game card. The available cheats will pop up and you can choose which ones to apply to your game.


  • -cHii_08-

    yeh i can read japanese but i cant understand what it means!
    i can only understand katakanas..
    so its hard..

    yeh i get to manage to finish other japanese games (like Princess Maker 4 DS Special Edition)..
    but this.. i always get up having a bad ending coz after a year in the game.. my weight is still in 95-97..
    i dont know how to lose weight easily..

    & yeh about the codes..
    i didnt get it..
    in the Action Replay Manager
    there are 11 cheats with Max at the End right?
    but i only want the code that has the Max Cash..
    but i dont know where it is from all the question marks in it..
    can someone tell me? plz!

  • Jenni Lada

    @ -cHii_08-: I'm sorry, but I'm not sure which code is which. I have the action replay code manager and got the code through that. In the manager, all the things have ?'s instead of letters, so I don't know or remember which one applies to which parameter.

    I was only borrowing this game, after all, so I can't go back and find the codes. I'm sorry.

  • -cHii_08-

    oh? is that so?
    its ok! ^^
    ive figured out which is max cash code..
    in all those question marks.. ^^
    i tried it all one by one..
    hehe.. ^^
    tnx for the help though Jeni.. ^^
    i really appreciate it.. ^^

    oh yah..
    i hve a problem..
    since ive get the max cash code..
    ive been going to the spa evryday.. (im choosing the 1500 yen thingy)..
    when my weight is already 45kg..
    i still go to the spa as usual & then it didnt decrease my weight anymore..!!
    why is that?
    when i gained 45 kg..
    my weight doesnt decrease anymore..

    how to decrease my weight again?
    & why doesnt the spa decrease my weight anymore after i gained 45kg?

  • Jenni Lada

    I think 45kg is the lowest you can go.

  • -cHii_08-

    oh is that so?
    well ok! ^^
    tnx for the help! ^^

  • -cHii_08-

    what are the three words needed to have the true ending of all the bachelors in the game?
    i cant use the otome wiki u gave coz i dont much understand japanese..
    so kindly just post it here as a comment please?!..
    i need it..

  • Yuuki

    Um, there's another way to handle the stress meter without eating and without cheating. If you go to marble, there's a green cd for 3k. It's "healing music". You can lower the stress meter without gaining weight. Super easy to use~ I found it a life saver ^^

  • Brittanie

    May I ask if thet have this in english and where could we find it?

  • Yukino

    Where did you find the cheats?

  • Jenni Lada

    @ Yuuki – That's a neat cheat!
    @ Brittanie – Nope, only in Japanese. It's also out of print, so you may have a very difficult time finding a copy of it. It's fairly easy to play without knowing Japanese though, especially if you find a guide online that also includes the green words you need to write in using the touch screen.
    @ Yukino – Just head to Datel's Japanese site and you'll be all set:

  • Kari

    I don't know how to read japanese would you mind giving me the link for it? tyvm ><

  • Lydia

    Oh,God,I totally feel you!I think I have played this damn game so many times,and with no success whatsoever – yet for some reason I just can't give up on it!But I can't seem to find any Action Replay codes online!Can you please give me a link or something?It would be much appreciated.Thanks :)

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