Etrian Odyssey 2 announced by Atlus

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Japanese Etrian Odyssey 2 box art

Only a month after its Japanese release, Atlus has announced that it will be localizing Etrian Odyssey 2: Heroes of Lagaard for a North American release. The DS game is the sequel to the May 2007 sleeper hit Etrian Odyssey and is expected in stores June 17, 2008. The sequel looks to build on the success and challenges found in the original, by providing more map creation options, more character classes, more quests, more enemies and more items. The original Etrian Odyssey quickly became scarce, so fans might want to preorder the sequel to ensure they’ll get a copy.

Like the original game, players once again start from scratch. There is a mysterious floating castle, this game’s dungeon, outside the town and the player must create a clan of adventurers to explore and chart the place. Now there are 12 character classes, with only only one which requires unlocking (the pet class). All the previous classes return, and are joined by a gunner and a shaman. There are also new charting options to help make maps more clear and defined. There’s no story, except for the ones you create in your head.

I suggest visiting the official Etrian Odyssey 2 site. Once again Atlus is running new humorous comics until the game’s release, Plus there are some spiffy new wallpapers up for download, and information on the assorted character classes.

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