Webkinz stadium sadness

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Want to participate in a stadium contest? Get used to this screen
Webkinz has disappointed countless players yet again. The game’s latest ‘blessing’ has become a curse. On April 3, 2008, a stadium was added to the Webkinz online world, where members would be able to gather to enter their pets in contests for large kinz cash prizes. The stadium events are usually held in the evenings, and users must pay a kinzcash entrance fee and register for an event two hours ahead of time. It sounds like a fun concept for the kids who play the game, right? Wrong. Instead of bringing joy, it brings up a new problem for users.

Each event is currently limited to 1,000 entrants. Today (April 7, 2008) there were two stadium beauty contest events scheduled. The entrance period for the first event was 5pm kinz time, and by 5:05 kinz time the event was already exceeding maximum capacity. So theoretically, to successfully participate a player must be at the stadium the instant the Webkinz clock turns and the registration period begins.

Its nice that Ganz wants to make up for the various glitches and problems across Webkinz world by adding in new features. But you have to wonder what good the changes are when most of the users are unable to participate. The Webkinz Creative Director issued a statement to the Webkinz Insider stating that coming events should hopefully allow more players to participate. Until then, anyone with a child or relative under the age of 13 will hear a litany of complaints and curses about Ganz’s latest feature.

Read [Webkinz Insider] Site [Webkinz]

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  • caitlin

    webkinz is cheating us for money

  • ela

    club penguin is better

  • caitlin

    NO WAY.runescape rules

  • Jenni Lada

    I think it will just take the company time to realize that its actions are hurting consumers. Perhaps it will cause the sale of the Webkinz toys to dib, and that will snap Ganz to its senses.

  • louis

    its all good is coming to the rescue

  • Jenni Lada

    Tootsville looks cute Louis. The little elephants are adorable!


    GaiaOnline has a better system, less buggy. However, you can't buy a copy of your character as a plush toy. There's a trade off there somewhere. Though with IMVU, you can look like a porn star..or superhero..what's wrong with that picture?

  • Aleah

    Recently webkinz has allowed for 5000 contestants to join in one of these events and in fact you don not need to sign up for the beauty contest two hours before the event but only a half hour. The time you sign up is the same time listed on the webkinz stadium schedule. Your view on this matter is untrue and belligerent. The makers of Webkinz world are in no way attempting to cheat you out of your money. The webkinz world is a kid friendly site. I myself have am 13 and have 2 webkinz pets. I have recently entered into a beauty contest with no difficulties and no proof of the sincerity of your claims.

  • Jenni Lada

    Hi Aleah.

    If you'll check the date on this story, it was written when the Webkinz Stadium feature was first implemented into Webkinz World. At that time, there were glitches that would prevent people from entering, registering would take place 2 hours ahead of time and they increased the number of participants.

  • Aleah

    You are correct. I am sorry, I suppose that I overreacted.

  • Jenni Lada

    No problem Aleah. 😀

  • Kyiley

    When i want to get in a pagent it keeps on saying that event is not in entry stage so what is that all about?

  • Jenni Lada

    @Kyiley – Just a glitch, I suspect.