Mabinogi offers 1 week free trials of two premium shop services

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The storage service free trial option
Mabinogi members who’ve been hesitating to subscribe to one of the game’s premium service may find just the incentive they need to purchase some Nexon Cash. Free one week trials of Nao’s Support Service and the Extra Storage Service are now available by logging in and visiting the Premium Shop at the Mabinogi site. Normally 30 days of each service costs 9,500 NX (around $9.50). Nexon Cash can be purchased directly from Nexon, or Nexon precharged cash cards can be found in stores like Best Buy and Target.

Both services offer a nice little taste of possible extras offered in Mabinogi, but neither are essential to enjoy the game. The Extra Storage Service provides users with item bag service, to allow extra carrying space, more bank inventory, the ability to share items among multiple characters in the bank, the ability to set up personal shops and the ability to create and run guilds. The Nao Support Service focuses on character assistance, as users will receive birthday gifts from Nao, three emergency escape bombs each day and Nao resurrection services.

Its a nice feature, but I doubt I’d pay for any of the services. I’d definitely consider investing in a premium character card after my character turns 25. I am kind of regretting choosing the trial Nao service though – I wish I’d waited until my character turned 20. If players subscribe to the service when their character turns 20, then Nao sends them a special accessory. Of course this offer is limited and probably would have expired before my character even reached 18.

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